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Unilever and CAVI Brands Join Forces to Revolutionise South Africa’s Skincare Industry Through Derma

Unilever, the global owner of the Dermalogica brand has entered a joint venture with CAVI Brands, the shareholder of the existing South African Dermalogica business, The Dermal Institute of South Africa (Pty) Ltd (Dermalogica SA), to transform the local skincare industry. The newly formed entity is set to continue deliver cutting-edge product and solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses and individuals in the skincare sector. The transaction was approved by the South African competition commission in September and with effective date of the sale of business, as of 1 October 2023.

“We believe that with this joint venture relationship concluded, we can only go from strength to strength in terms of the future development and growth of the South African Dermalogica business.” said Joanne Wilson, CEO of Dermalogica SA.

The new entity, Dermalogica SA, will continue to distribute Dermalogica products in South Africa based. The leadership structure in Dermalogica SA will remain the same as it is today. This joint venture merger combines the strengths and expertise of both companies, leveraging Unilever’s deep industry knowledge and CAVI Brands local knowledge and expertise of operating in the South African skincare industry. The result will be a continued offering that promises enhanced efficiency, scalability, and sustainability for Dermalogica’s valued customers.

“We are excited about the prospects this partnership holds for the industry,” said Joanne Wilson, CEO of Dermalogica SA. “Together, we will lead the way in delivering innovative solutions that empower entrepreneurs and business owners to thrive in an ever-changing skincare landscape.”

The joint venture officially commences operations on 1 October 2023. Existing customers and suppliers of both Dermalogica South Africa (Pty) Ltd can expect a seamless transition, with no disruption to ongoing services.

The joint venture, known as Dermalogica SA, will harness the collective strengths of both organisations to deliver product and education solutions in the skincare industry that empower businesses and individual owners to thrive in the fast-evolving skincare environment, with strong investment in education to grow the industry in South Africa.