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Three-quarters of consumers believe affordable make-up is as good as premium products

New Mintel research reveals that 74% of beauty consumers agree that make-up products from affordable brands work just as well as their premium counterparts.

This suggests a make-up culture that is favourable toward ‘dupes.’ With the rise in popularity of ‘dupes,’ a third of make-up consumers aged 18-24 (33%) and 25-34 (35%) say they have purchased a make-up ‘dupe’ because of something they saw on social media.

‘Dupes’ aside, the Mintel study found that 41% of those who believe affordable and premium products are comparable in efficacy also say they prefer to buy premium make-up, no matter the price.

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Forty-three-percent of male make-up users aged 18-44 are applying make-up more often than a year ago, while 42% of women aged 18-34 wear make-up less often due to skin health concerns.

Sixty-seven-percent of make-up users aged 18-34 say they are paying more attention to ingredients used in make-up products than a year ago.

After rebounding with 9% growth in retail sales in 2022, the colour cosmetics market continues to exhibit strong growth; however, inflation accounts for much of this. With many consumers returning to pre-pandemic, in-person activities, demand for innovation – especially in the facial and lip cosmetic segments – is expected to boost total market sales this year.


Mintel data reveals that 35% of make-up users are applying less make-up than a year ago compared to 25% who are using more make-up, indicating an overall decline in engagement in the category. The most popular reason for decreased usage is fewer out-of-home occasions (37%), followed by loss of interest (32%). Breaking down these reasons by age, however, it becomes clear that reasons for wearing make-up less frequently are overwhelmingly driven by older individuals, particularly women 55+. These women cite leaving the house less frequently than a year ago (48%), followed by a loss of interest (39%) as the reasons why they are wearing make-up less often.

Interestingly, men represent the primary growth behind those who are applying make-up more often, as 43% of men aged 18-44 say they are using make-up more often than a year ago. Two in five (41%) say they are applying make-up more often to relax or de-stress, which is double the number of women (22%) who cite relaxation as a reason they are applying make-up more often. Just one in five (21%) make-up users say they are spending more money on products than a year ago, including 27% of men and 19% of women. Source: