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Korean ‘syrup’ and ‘jelly’ nails invade TikTok

‘Syrup nails’ are one of the latest K-beauty trends to blow up, accumulating 8.1 million views for the #syrupnails hashtag on TikTok, while searches have increased by 9,200% on Google in the past week alone according to research from Online Discount Platform, Wethrift.

This glossy and translucent trend, which is also super popular in Japan, involves using more natural and nude shades rather than bright candy colours.


‘Jelly nails’ have also been doing the rounds with glassy shades becoming popular, either as a base for nail art or for a standalone Y2K aesthetic – especially in neon and bubblegum colours. The #Jellynails hashtag currently has 380.9M views on TikTok and searches for this trend have risen 205% alone.

This trend uses semi-clear tinted colour encapsulated in clear gel or high shine top coat to create an ultra glossy high shine finish that looks a lot like jelly. Using colours with a creme base adds a milky element to the look.

How to create syrup nails

Warm colours for Autumn/Winter 2023 are ideal to achieve this trend. Berry shades and chocolate browns as well as nude tones and pinks. Sheer shades are layered to create depth and are created as a solid look, ombre effect or a blush. If you don’t have sheer or jelly shades, you can mix your chosen gel or polish colour with some top coat and layer.

Some techs use pigment powder, an airbrush or even eyeshadow to create a blush, aura or gradient effect over a sheer or jelly shade. Syrop nails have been seen in greens, purples and pastel colours.

To create an even more glassy/jelly finish, encapsulate your work with a layer of clear gel before the top coat, or add two layers of top coat for an extra glossy look.