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How well do you communicate with your staff and clients?

Meaningful engagement is essential in the running of a successful salon and the lack of effective communication in teams can cripple growth.

So says business coach Helena van der Vyver of 1nespa in the August issue of Professional Beauty. She writes: “Salon owners should be aware that first impressions are made in the first seven seconds. Following first impressions, we move into the window of contact. Research has shown that you have a 15-minute window at the start to make contact and connect with your client or forfeit it and stay disconnected to the end of her visit. It is quite simple, you just need to talk about something you have in common, e.g., a teenager, a dog, training for a race, the love of gardening, etc. It doesn’t even have to be beauty related.”

Van der Vyver notes that communication is made up of the following components: 1. Words; 2. Tone of Voice; and 3. Body Language.

To read more on what she has to say on this all-important topic go to pages 20 and 21 of the magazine. Click here