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Do your clients wash their beauty tools?

Almost three-quarters (73%) of skincare users who participated in a recent Beauty Pie survey don’t clean their facial toning/ sculpting devices.

The survey encompassed over 1,000 active skincare users in the UK.

Around two in three (68%) people who use fake tan mitts confirm they have never ever washed them after using them, instead choosing to apply new fake tan on top of the old dry layer on the mitt each time.

Facial cleansing brushes, beauty blenders, flannels and tweezers also featured in the top 20 of tools.

The tool that people appear to clean the most is tweezers, with just one in three (33%) saying they never wash them.

To highlight the importance of cleaning your beauty tools, Beauty Pie enlisted professional macro photographer, Matthew Doogue, to release a series of shocking images that show the hidden dirt, grime and residue that lurks on the surface of skincare and makeup tools when they’re not washed regularly.

Commenting on the need for hygiene, professional microbiologist and lecturer in antimicrobial resistance, Dr Joe Latimer said, “Every time we touch our skin with beauty tools like makeup brushes, facecloths or facial rollers, we transfer some of our bacteria onto the tools. Over time, bacteria, dead skin tissue and old skincare and makeup product will build up on tools and this will allow bacteria to multiply.

“To stop bacteria from building up to potentially unhealthy levels, we need to remove their food, water, and heat so they can’t grow. Regularly cleaning skincare and makeup tools and, crucially, storing them somewhere nice and dry is the best way to do this. That way, you can restore the happy balance between you and your bacteria without risking any annoying spots or rashes.”

The top 20 skincare and makeup tools that skincare users clean the least frequently are:

Facial toning/ sculpting device, for example Gua Sha – 73%

Fake tan mitt – 68%

Dry body brush – 66%

Facial roller – 61%

Skincare headband – 61%

Facial cleansing brush – 59%

Facial exfoliating mitt/ tool – 59%

Reusable face pads – 58%

Eyelash curler – 55%

Beauty blender – 53%

Body exfoliating mitt – 50%

Face cleansing cloths, for example muslin cloths – 50%

Foundation brush – 45%

Eyeshadow brush – 42%

Flannel – 40%

Skincare/ makeup bag – 40%

Blusher brush – 38%

Face towel – 37%

Tweezers – 33%

In response to its findings, Beauty Pie has launched a guide to cleaning skincare and makeup tools, which can be accessed here