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Microneedling vs mesotherapy – which should you offer?

Both mesotherapy and microneedling involve needling techniques but differ in terms of needle length, application, depth of penetration, speed of delivery and the skin conditions they treat.

This is the definition given by Violeta Negrea, general manager at clinic chain EF Medispa, who goes on to say. “Mesotherapy combines a bespoke cocktail of powerful vitamins and often hyaluronic acid, which is injected into the lower layers of the skin using a meso device with one needle, whereas microneedling gently moves multiple microscopic needles over the face to cause miniscule puncture marks, activating the production of collagen and elastin,” she explains.

While both treatments trigger a response in the lower layers of the skin, they’re each suited to different concerns. According to WOW Facial founder Claire Williams, mesotherapy is best suited to clients with acne scarring, loose skin, dull, dehydrated and lacklustre skin, hyperpigmentation wrinkles and fine lines.

“Clients in their twenties, thirties and beyond who are seeking a little added glow and lustre to their skin will be most interested in mesotherapy,” Williams adds. “It improves the health of the skin by adding nourishment and hydration back to your cells, which helps ensure that they stay healthy for longer, keeping your skin clear and fresh.”

Mesotherapy is best-suited for skin issues that present from within the lower layers of the skin, such as dehydration and advanced ageing. It is ideal for dehydrated, dull, puffy or saggy skin, cellulite and stubborn, localised fat.

Microneedling, on the other hand, is used for skin rejuvenation as it helps promote cell regeneration and exfoliation on a deeper level, which ensures that outer skin layers are replaced with new cells.

“It is particularly good for treating the textural changes associated with acne scarring,” says Williams. She also recommends the treatment for clients suffering the following concerns: acne scars on the face; wrinkles around the eyes and neck; surgical scars on the abdomen; and stretchmarks.