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Spas taking sustainability seriously, says study

A new survey by Spaseekers reveals that many spas have implemented a number of

eco-friendly practices, demonstrating their dedication to preserving the environment, while delivering exceptional spa experiences, contributing to conserving resources and reducing their carbon footprint.

According to the survey, which was conducted among Green Spa partners in the UK, refillable toiletries, local sourcing and plastic reduction are some of the most popular ways that spas are working towards sustainability.

The majority of Green Spa partners (95%) have embraced refillable toiletries, as well as implementing a towel-wash policy. By encouraging guests to reuse towels, they actively contribute to the preservation of vital resources.

An impressive 95% of partners prioritise locally sourced food, providing guests with

fresh, sustainable and delicious experiences.

In a concerted effort to combat plastic waste, 90% of partners have removed plastic cups and straws from their facilities.

Recognising the importance of energy conservation, 90% of partners have replaced

conventional light bulbs with low-energy alternatives in public areas. This transition not only reduces energy consumption but also creates a soothing ambience for spa-goers.

To save water, 80% of Green Spa partners have installed dual flush toilets,

demonstrating their commitment to water conservation.