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Women keen on salon treatments but wanting natural look, says study

Seventy-five-percent of women polled in beauty retailer Avon’s new 2023 Future of Beauty Report said they have had some form of cosmetic treatment, from nails to brows to aesthetic procedures.

The report surveyed 7,000 women across three continents, with key findings including a more embracing attitude towards a “natural” look, because of both the pandemic, and tightening purse strings due to the cost-of-living crisis.

Just under half (47%) of respondents invest in regular treatments monthly, with numbers rising in eastern Europe to 53% in Poland, 60% in Turkey and 66% in Romania.

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The research also found that the majority of women link cosmetic treatments with improved confidence (60%) and self-esteem (57%).

Additionally, most are continuing to embrace the ageing process, with almost three quarters (72%) wanting to focus on looking healthy rather than young.

When it comes to the most popular treatments, semi-permanent make-up has seen a 3% increase as women aim to cut their getting-ready time down. Gel polish manicures are still proving popular, with a 1% increase.

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Spray tanning has seen the biggest decline, dropping 15%, with acrylic nails also decreasing by 4%, as consumers concentrate on natural nail health.

And, despite 67% choosing make-up looks on the more natural side, more than a quarter (26%), stated they still want strong elements in their look, whether it’s a bold bright lip or long and full lashes.

Olivia Eskens, scientist and technical product design make-up lead for Avon, commented, “Globally, people are moving away from using beauty to overcome or cover up their insecurities and instead, discovering how to enhance their natural beauty. We’re shifting away from the idea of correcting problems to thinking more about prevention and care driven treatments.”