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Is employing a receptionist in your salon just ‘dead money’?

Salon owners often underestimate the role of the receptionist purely because they don’t directly bring money into the business.

You may think a receptionist is just there to answer the phone, make the teas and coffees and respond to a few emails, but this role is so much more than that, as an article in the June issue of Professional Beauty points out.

Business coach Amy Gordon at The Delforge Group writes: “A good receptionist is worth their weight in gold and can transform your salon or clinic from average to outstanding.

“Firstly, and most importantly, a receptionist enhances the client journey from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave, ensuring their overall experience runs smoothly, with someone always at the front desk.”

Other ways that a good receptionist is valuable is that they can upsell and cross sell, both on the phone and while the client is at reception, and they can act as an important support to the team.

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