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AR tool visualises how injectables will look on patients

Galderma has launched a tool that utilises digital facial assessment to give patients a simulated real-time ‘before and after’ visual of what injectable treatments may look like.

This technology is powered by augmented reality (AR).

Says Erick Brenner, Galderma VP & GM, U.S. Aesthetics: “We created FACE by Galderma as part of our commitment to supporting aesthetic professionals and patients on their aesthetic journey. With the real-time, simulated injectable results feature, patients can see how injectable dermal filler treatments such as Restylane® and collagen stimulators like Sculptra® might enhance or restore facial features before ever undergoing treatment.

“We believe that by delivering a holistic approach to individualised care, we can empower patients to move ahead with their treatment plan with added confidence.”

He notes that FACE by Galderma allows for an immersive, fully interactive consultation process between the aesthetic practitioner and patient. With the tool’s assessment, the aesthetic practitioner can evaluate the patient’s face, including skin quality, facial shape, facial proportion and contour, facial symmetry and animated and emotional expression.

“This device has been instrumental in empowering my patients to feel confident about their treatment as they can see in real-time the effect of injectables. Patients came into my practice genuinely excited to analyse their faces, and this tool often motivated them to try new aesthetic treatments since they had a better understanding of how their results could look,” states board certified dermatologist, Gail Mautner.

The technology behind FACE by Galderma was developed in partnership with Crisalix, a world leader in the field of 3D, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality aesthetic simulation. (Source: Galderma)