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Become a gel specialist with Calgel

Sponsored story: Calgel is a specialised, durable soft gel system.

With various training options available, from beginners to previously trained technicians, you can become a specialist gel technician in the Calgel system.

Grow a strong, reliable, and loyal clientele with Calgel. An offering like no other. Our philosophy – to offer beautiful nails without the damage associated with a nail product application. Just beautiful nails for a lifetime. Calgel offers a system that is gentle, non-damaging, durable, easy to wear, easy to remove. By offering Calgel it eliminates the need for other harsh, chemical-based products in the nail salon.

We have stood the test of time, as a reliable, durable soft gel system that has been around since 1981. Calgel is economic, easy to use & offers a comprehensive solution to the gel technician.

With the correct application and removal techniques used, Calgel promises to keep the quality of the natural nails intact, even with years of wear. In many cases you can improve the condition of damaged, unhealthy nails.

It does not require any harsh chemicals or primers during nail preparation nor any harsh buffing or filing on the surface of the natural nails. Calgel adheres easily on its own.

Calgel has a natural look and feel. It also lasts long and grows with the natural nails due to the flexible quality of the gel. This flexible quality also means no cracking and chipping of the gel.

The option to refill the set, instead of removal also adds to the non-damaging property of the product. Less soaking = less damage.

Calgel boasts a gas permeable system which allows for trapped moisture to evaporate. This also ensures the health of the nails as it prevents the formation of microbes. It also prevents softening of the nails and lifting of the gel.

Calgel is easily removed without using filing machines. Just a quick buff and soak-off with Calaway solution is required.

Other benefits of Calgel include low to no odour, less dust, & uses only the best quality cosmetic pigments in the colour gels.

We have recently launched innovative new products including pearl colour gels, a new pink base gel, and an anti-bacterial top gel. Unique limited edition colour gels like neon colours are also available at times.

Calgel is great for nail art, can be used to sculpt gel nails, repair nails, refill applications, tip applications, and more. Contact us for further information on products and training available.

In a nutshell Calgel is unlike any other gel on the market – a great solution for great quality, beautiful nails, that lasts long, and keeps customers coming back to the salon.