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Top spa experiences to look out for in 2023

Research into worldwide search data has revealed that immersive spas are set to be the most popular spa experience of this year, with dog-friendly spas also high on the list.

Conducted by booking website, the research notes that searches for immersive spas, which use tech to make spa guests feel as if they’re in nature, were up by 556% and have over 1.6 billion views on TikTok.

Meanwhile, searches for dog-friendly spa breaks have increased by 50%.

The research also revealed that spa lovers are searching for solitary and private spa experiences more than ever before, with searches for adult-only spas up by 127%, and female-only spas up by 83%.

Interestingly, silent spas were also up by 83%.

Natural spas, such as mineral spring and thermal spas, are also set to explode in popularity in 2023, with searches up for each by 126% and 124%, respectively. Searches for organic spas, where only organic products and materials are used, are also up by 50%.

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With many people opting for a more traditional and natural spa experience, it was no surprise that traditional spas including Ayurvedic and Thalassotherapy spas also ranked in the top ten.

Originating in India, Ayurvedic spas offer holistic treatments which aim to boost immunity and delay ageing, while Thalassotherapy spas use warm, mineral-rich thalassotherapy pools to soothe aching muscles.

Jason Goldberg, director at, commented, “As experts in all things relaxation and self-care, we’ve seen just how quickly wellness trends can come and go – so it’s been fascinating to delve into the data to predict which trends will dominate the industry this year.

“Developing technologies have allowed spa-goers to have experiences they never could have dreamed of 10 years ago, and offerings such as immersive spas can allow visitors to feel as if they’re really escaping the stresses of their everyday lives, even if only for a few hours.

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“As technology continues to develop, and demand continues to increase for these unique spa experiences, it’s likely that we’ll see many more of these offerings in the future.”

Goldberg continued, “While some consumers are searching for a spa experience or treatment which capitalises on the amazing technological developments in the industry, it’s been really interesting to see the simultaneous spike in searches for more traditional treatments and experiences, which are rooted in traditional and cultural practices.

“This just shows that even as technology in the industry flourishes, the traditional spa treatments which have been practised for hundreds of years are still in demand with consumers and continue to provide great health and wellness benefits.”

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