ENTRANCE POLICY: Professional Beauty is reserved for trade and professional visitors only. Due to the professional nature of the event, babies and children under 16 cannot be admitted.
Sunday, 2 September Registration 9.30: Welcome by Professional Beauty CEO, Mark Moloney 9.45: Implementing international best practices at local and regional level – What is happening overseas? What is working and what, maybe, is just a fad. This panel will comprise top spa directors/managers with international experience who will reveal how they have introduced best practices from overseas into their South African and regional operations. 10.45: Tapping into spa goers’ changing lifestyles while retaining regular clients – Spas are becoming increasingly focused on issues that affect the overall wellbeing of their guests, such as improved sleep, stress management, proper nutrition and fitness. This session will unpack the latest trends in this holistic spa movement and suggest ways that South African spas can introduce them into their service offering.   11.30: Tea Break 12.00: Differentiation for your spa brand – What makes your spa different? Do you have a recognisable USP (Unique Selling Point)? The session will help you to find your differentiation and give you some thought provoking ideas on how to exploit it. 13.00: Lunch, Networking Break and Expo Floor Visit 14.30: Can going green cut costs without affecting guest satisfaction?  Going green is not all about hugging trees! If you are saving water, you are saving money and, considering the problems with Cape Town’s water supply, you are also doing your bit for the good of all. Most green initiatives can save you money and this session will show you how. 15.30: Tea Break 16.00: Creating a client for life – The cost of getting new clients can be enormous, involving advertising, special offers and so much more. Therefore, keeping that client is essential to your business. Hear some great client retention strategies that have worked for this great panel. Monday, 3 September Registration 9.30: Spa disruptors – collaboration opportunities or mad, crazy ideas? Maybe there is something that might make a difference to your spa. From renting out rooms to children’s spas and fitness, hear what is new and exciting and shaking up the spa sector. 10.30: Staff motivation – Staff are always one of the major challenges for any business. Motivation is essential to keep your team happy and working hard for you. It is not always about money, there are many other ways that you can create motivating initiatives. Happy staff means happy clients, which makes for good business. 11.30: Tea Break 12.00: The path to leadership – You have a staff member whom you believe has great potential so what do you do? You are a busy spa owner/manager and don’t have the time or opportunity to bring the person on. Mentoring for the spa industry is a huge global movement; there are experienced spa professionals who are acting as mentors and helping less experienced spa professionals grow and become more empowered. Thus the industry becomes more professional as do your staff, ultimately benefitting your business. 13.00 Lunch, Networking Break and Expo Floor Visit 14.30: Targeting corporates and the workplace wellness boom – Wellness is a BIG buzzword at the moment. Our panel gives ideas and suggestions as to how a spa can align itself with big corporates by way of customised packages, loyalty offers and schemes that can bring you regular business. 15.15: Tea break 15.45: The art of successful retailing – Retail is one of the key profit centres for spas and it is the one area that is often neglected by therapists. This session will provide great ideas on how to motivate your staff and give them the tools to maximise both their personal income and ultimately that of the spa. ends
Special Offer for a limited period Only Early Bird discount R800 for this fantastic two day convention Normal Price R1,200 Save R400! Tickets are limited so you need to book now. The convention will be covering a wide variety of topics that can help you improve your business, give you pause for thought and help you grow. Take back new ideas and innovations to immediately improve your spa Enhance your business expertise and productivity Meet international spa experts Network with spa professionals Find solutions to business challenges Get answers from the experts during the allocated Q&A sessions Please call the office on 011 781 5970 if you have any queries regarding this special offer.
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