ENTRANCE POLICY: Professional Beauty is reserved for trade and professional visitors only. Due to the professional nature of the event, babies and children under 16 cannot be admitted.
Worldwide wellness initiative launches 26 February 2018    All wellness-related properties around the world are invited to register online for World Wellness Weekend in order to showcase the talent and passion of their teams, by organising fun and creative wellness activities free of charge to the public, on 22 and 23 September, 2018. Envisaged as an ‘Open House’, World Wellness Weekend is a joyful initiative launched by Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder and CEO of Tip Touch International, author, strategist and educator in ‘The Signature Guest Experience’ since 2001. Registration for the event is free. This pro bono initiative is expected to attract participation from some 1,000 wellness properties around the world. As per the World Wellness Weekend brief: “In order to make this initiative an agent of change and transformation, people should use the opportunity to set themselves up for a physical and mindful challenge (i.e. deeper and fuller sleep, eat less and better, find and maintain an optimal weight, get back in shape, better cope with stress…) “Then, they ask their friends and family to support them in giving directly to a local charity when the objective is achieved. Their action transcends personal wellness into a tidal wave of generosity towards those who lack the bare minimum, to increase their well-being in the simplest and most meaningful ways.” Through World Wellness Weekend, properties will be able to attract new clients with fun activities and to encourage repeat visits with bounce-back offers and packages. World Wellness Weekend is a perfect opportunity to engage clients with memberships and wellness programmes. For more information and to register, visit the World Wellness Weekend website (https://www.world-wellness- weekend.org/).
Cape Town 4 - 5 March 2018 Durban 20 - 21 May 2018 Johannesburg 2 - 3 September 2018 Education - Innovation - Inspiration
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