ENTRANCE POLICY: Professional Beauty is reserved for trade and professional visitors only. Due to the professional nature of the event, babies and children under 16 cannot be admitted.
SteamPunk – the next Nail Design Challenge 14 May 2018 NailFile’s third Photographic Nail Design Challenge is themed SteamPunk and is sponsored by Bio Sculpture Gel. SteamPunk is a stylish, slightly sinister mix of Victorian design combined with steam-powered machinery, an interesting science fiction genre of a make-believe world filled with imagination. Is it the past or is it the future or a bit of both? It is up to you, the nail tech, to decide. The winner will receive a one-year free subscription to Professional Beauty & NailFile and exposure in the July/August issue of the magazine, as well as a prize from the participating sponsor – Bio Sculpture Gel. Photos of the entries must be submitted by no later than the 30th of June and emailed to nailfile@probeauty.co.za. To see the SteamPunk Nail Design Challenge Rules & Regulations, please see below. Should you have any questions please contact the Competition Director on sonettevr@gmail.com or call on 076 585 4191. Rules & Regulations Designs must be created according to the theme stipulated in each issue. Rhinestones and embellishments may be used but must not dominate the design work. This time nail stylists have complete artistic freedom to create their designs in any style they wish using flat, encapsulated 2D or 3D design work and techniques. Designs must be created on a live model and can be done on either natural nails or enhancements and not on tips only. Photographs must be of a high quality to be able to see and judge the work that has been created. The models hands, cuticles and nails must be perfectly manicured and in a good condition, PLEASE remove cuticle oil prior to taking your final photo entry. Nails must be properly and neatly shaped, with the same shape and length consistent throughout. Any length and shape may be achieved to suit the design work and theme. A combination of products and nail systems may be used, as long as it pertains to and complements the theme and look being achieved. All ten the models nails must have a design and creation on them, each design on each nail must be different but must compliment one another, be consistent in design and flow throughout all ten nails. Judges will be looking at and judging on the following criteria. Theme following throughout the design on all ten nails. Originality and own interpretation of theme. Consistency and continuity of design throughout. Neatness & Presentation Design and technical quality Use of Nail products. Presentation & Step by Step Designs must be the Nail stylist own original work and not copied. Please provide a brief step by step of your work, inspiration behind your design, explanation and photo’s. Photo’s must be submitted by no later than the 30th of June Photo’s must be emailed to nailfile@probeauty.co.za and must be clearly indicated and labeled with the name of the Nail Technician who’s work it is. Please make sure you submit good quality photo’s to be able to judge your work properly. Please make sure you email your full details, salon name and contact details along with your photograph. Winners and placements will be announced on social media and the following issue of Professional Beauty & NailFile magazine. Please note that the judge’s decision is final.
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