Photographic Nail Art - Entries are not CLOSED Rules & Regulations (Download your copy HERE) 1. Photographs – Must be couriered or delivered to TE Trade Events (Professional Beauty offices,) by no later than the 31st July 2017, please see details below. 2. Competitors may submit as many entries as they like, entry fee R100 per entry. 3. The contestant must submit a photo according to the pre-chosen theme  “Beauty & The Beast” for the photographic showcase category. 4. 10 finalists will be chosen and featured in the NailFile Supplement and at the Professional Beauty Nail Competition. Contestants must be aware and not object that all photographs will be displayed at the competition arena for public to view and will also be featured in the Professional Beauty and NailFile  magazine 5. The Photographs MUST be a high resolution, good enough quality for printing and magazine placement and be of professional quality, all work must also be presented on a CD or memory stick, to be able to submit it in the magazine. 6. Winners will be announced at the Nail Competition Award ceremony on the 3rd Sept 2017 along with the other Nail Art categories. 7. No late entries will be accepted after the due date, as photographs of the finalists need to be submitted in the magazine by the deadline date. 8. Competitors may collect their work on the last day of the show, Professional Beauty and it’s organisers will not take responsibility for any artwork not collected. 9. PLEASE NOTE: Photographs may be any size but must not be smaller than 20 x 20 cm’s in size and may be mounted and presented in any artistic form or way the Nail stylist wishes. 10. The Nail Art in the photograph must be clearly visible to be able to see the technical work of the nail art and chosen theme. 11. The entire creativity, presentation and style of the picture will be judged, not only the nails, which have been created. Make-up, costume and hair can be done as long as it pertains to the chosen theme, design and style of the nails. 12. Photographs will be displayed at the competition arena so please ensure they are well presented and in a secure frame. 13. Photographs will remain the property of the contestant and Professional Beauty and may not be copied used or bought without the prior consent of the nail stylist and organizers. PLEASE NOTE: All entries for both Photographic and Tip Box Art categories must be accompanied by and include the following: Contestants must provide and include a portfolio or story book with written details along with their entry, and must consist of the following as this will be judged as part of the complete presentation. Nail Stylist’s full name and Salon or company name Contact details Theme and inspiration behind the theme. Presentation - A full step-by-step explanation of how the design was accomplished and achieved, with inspiration and interpretation behind the theme and story of your work MUST be provided. Contestants will be judged on the following criteria for both Photographic and Tip Box Nail Art categories: 1. Theme 2. Technical quality 3. Color Theory & Use 4. Design Control 5. Design Continuity 6. Design quality 7. Originality and Creativity 8. Degree of difficulty 9. Composition of Design and presentation 10. Overall Impression of work & presentation. 11. Finished quality & Neatness 12. Theme, steps & Story Presentation book PLEASE NOTE: All entries must be submitted by no later than 31st July 2017 and must be delivered or couriered to the address below. Please make sure all pieces of artwork are well protected, padded and wrapped to prevent any breakage. POST or Deliver your entries to: Professional Beauty Nail Art Competition TE Trade Events Ice Site Building 1st Floor 263 Oak Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg      Should you require any further information about the Rules & Regulations of the Nail File Showcase Nail Art Competition or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Competition Director: Sonette van Rensburg on 076 585 4191 or email
ENTRANCE POLICY: Professional Beauty is reserved for trade and professional visitors only. Due to the professional nature of the event, babies and children under 16 cannot be admitted.
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