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Next generation needling comes to SA 02 May 2018 Dr Andrew Christie Genop Healthcare has launched Dermapen 4 in South Africa, the latest device from the Australian family-owned company that invented the original Dermapen automated needling device in 2010. Clinical director and global medical trainer for Dermapen, Dr Andrew Christie, who has specialised in microneedling for the past 17 years, visited Johannesburg recently to introduce the new device to the local market. “Common conditions treated by microneedling over the last 30 years traditionally focused on anti-ageing and wrinkles. I have come up with 74 conditions across seven faculties of medicine that you can treat with Dermapen 4. These include skin radiance, luminosity, acne, post acne scars, rosacea, alopecia and plantar warts. It can also be used in dentistry for receding gums and to reduce snoring. “In terms of skincare, just because your patient may use botulinum toxin to temporarily reduce the appearance of frowns and lines, it will do nothing to improve their skin’s texture, tone, quality, function or integrity. Microneedling does all of the above. Even if your patient is on blood thinners, Dermapen 4 can be customised to his/her needs,” said Christie. He went on to explain how the Dermapen revolutionised microneedling with the introduction of automated needling back in 2010. “If you look at needling rollers, they arc and cut the skin through a 45 degree angle, whereas with the Dermapen, needles enter and exit the skin at a 90 degree angle. The algorithm of how the needles are designed ensure there is no dragging, scabbing, bruising or track marks. Post treatment the patient experiences what looks and feels like mild sunburn for just two days, after which the skin is rejuvenated due to the release of growth factors in response to the needling. As per Google Analytics, Dermapen is the most requested needling device on the market. “This new, fourth generation version of Dermapen is the world’s first fully automated digitised needling device and will never become obsolete as it is Bluetooth enabled with automatic updates. It is also the fastest needling device on the market at 1,920 puncture channels per second. Dermapen 4 is our first dual power (i.e. mains and battery) device and has an easy to read digital display.” The device works with a 16-pin needle cartridge and its AOVN Direct Digital Drive motor generates 47.69% more holes than the Dermapen 3, at 120 revolutions per second. Dermapen 4 includes a dedicated Scar Treatment algorithm and protocols. “Results after just a single Dermapen 4 procedure can last for months. The modern patient wants instant results, with no downtime and no discomfort,” concluded Christie. Dermapen has launched its own app which connects patients to Dermapen doctors around the world. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)
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