Professional Beauty 2016 Nail Competition Winners: Nail Art Competition o Mixed Media – Alice Through The Looking Glass 2nd place - Chantel Smith 1st place - Alina Kuzmenko SPONSOR: E.Mi School of Nail Design  Perfect Polish o Gel Polish Creations - Pantone Shades 2nd place - Swancie Synman 1st place - Samantha Moodly SPONSOR: GELISH o Gel Polish Manicure 2nd place - Antonique du Toit 1st place - Samantha Moodley SPONSOR: GELISH Tip Overlay o Novice – Combined systems 3rd place - Lindo Ngwenya, 2nd Place - Danika Daniz 1st Place - Denette de Lange SPONSOR: YOUNG NAILS o Liquid & Powder Intermediate 3rd place - Yanke Gillis Tonga, 2nd place - Louise Heyns 1st place - Denise Claasen SPONSOR: IBD Sculpting Acrylic / Gel Challenge  o Intermediate 3rd place - Maureen Brill, 2nd place - Christine Mulolo 1st place - Annieke van Dyk SPONSOR: LOOKING GOOD LCN   Mixed Masters Sculpting Challenge 3rd place - Vicky Louw, 2nd place - Frederickt Vuyk 1st place - Katia Da Silva SPONSOR: LOOKING GOOD LCN JUDGES: Sonette van Rensburg (competition director); Yvette Nel; Franzelle De Villiers; Cornia Robertse;         Nadia Erasmus; Tracey Owgan.
ENTRANCE POLICY: Professional Beauty is reserved for trade and professional visitors only. Due to the professional nature of the event, babies and children under 16 cannot be admitted.
When nails get competitive   Dozens of top nail techs and nail artists from the Gauteng region convened on Gallagher Convention Centre on Monday, 29 August to take part in the annual Professional Beauty Nail Competition. Regarded as the most important nail competition in South Africa, this prestigious event comprised several categories and gave competitors ample opportunity to display their skills and creativity. The Nail Competition runs as part of the Professional Beauty Johannesburg Expo, Africa’s premier event for the beauty, spa and wellness sector. Professional Beauty thanks its Nail Competition sponsors, namely E.Mi School of Nail Design; Young Nails, Gelish; IBD and Looking Good LCN. A big thank you to the judges – Sonette van Rensburg (competition director); Yvette Nel; Franzelle De Villiers; Cornia Robertse; Nadia Erasmus; and Tracey Owgan.
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