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Laserderm celebrates 20th birthday 18 September 2017             Laserderm Illovo To mark its 20th anniversary, Laserderm held a celebratory event on 6 September at its flagship branch, Laserderm Illovo in Sandton, where the latest trends in skincare, body treatments and weight loss were highlighted. Laserderm therapist and office manager, Mazanne van Staden, reflected how far laser technology has come since Laserderm was founded in 1997. “When we started the clinic we had pulsed dye lasers. Today, although we still have pulsed dye technology, we have far more advanced laser technology like the Vbeam. Laser hair removal was originally done with 8mm spot size with one shot per second and we couldn’t treat black skin and now that has changed. Ablative skin resurfacing was around long ago but today it’s fractionated.” Van Staden also highlighted other aesthetic treatment available at the clinic, such as cool sculpting, ulthera and thermage. Laserderm’s celebratory event featured presentations from a number of the clinic’s doctors, including founder and dermatologist, Dr David Presbury, who presented on treating redness and unsightly veins. Fellow dermatologist, Dr Noori Moti, spoke about seasonal changes in the skin, noting that the high pollen count in spring brings with it itchy skin and eczema. She emphasised the importance of sunscreen, noting that a palm full of sunscreen is enough for the body, while a teaspoon full is essential for the face on a daily basis. Dr Karishma Chandraser focused on weight loss programmes, saying that obesity has now been labelled a global epidemic. “South Africa has a high rate of obese and overweight people and the child obesity rate is growing. Heart disease and strokes are South Africa’s biggest killers after HIV,” said Dr Chandraser. She cautioned against weight loss plans that prohibit entire food groups. Dr Natlie Cordeiro focusted on injectables, notably botox and fillers and observed that more and more male clients are coming to clinics for skin rejuvenation procedures, while Thandeka Mgiba spoke about laser hair removal and how it can reduce hair growth by about 60% The benefits of microneedling, specifically the Dermafrac system, were explained by Violet van Dyk, while vaginal rejuvenation came under the spotlight when Dr Ra’besah Essop spoke about the CO2Re Intima and how this treatment should be used to empower women. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)
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