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2017’s most Googled beauty questions 09 January 2018   As per Google’s annual End of Year Lists, ‘How to get rid of pimples?’ was the most asked beauty question on its search engine in 2017. In the number two spot was ‘How to get rid of back acne? with ‘How to take off acrylic nails at home?’ in third spot. The remaining questions in the Top 10, in ascending order, were: ‘How to do eyeshadow?’; ‘How to get rid of acne scars?’; ‘How to shrink pores?’; ‘How to apply lipstick?’; ‘How to get rid of under-eye bags?’; ‘How to exfoliate the face?’; and ‘How to apply highlighter?’. Goggle’s Make-up Trends list included nude make-up and feather eyebrows but it was a product that actually topped the list, namely the mini make-up application sponge, Beautyblender.
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