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Dermalogica launches UltraCalming Duo 19 February 2018       Unine van Rooyen Specifically targeting sensitive skin, Dermalogica’s newly released UltraCalming Duo comprises the Calm Water Gel and the Barrier Defense Booster. Speaking at a recent product launch held at the CAVI Brands head office in Johannesburg, Dermalogica trainer, Unine van Rooyen, said: “What is always very important for Dermalogica is the story of the client’s skin. A story that Dermalogica professionals often hear is that of sensitive skin, which is not surprising considering that eight out of 10 people will suffer from some form of sensitivity or irritation on their skin at some point. And, 87% of people say their skin feels dry and tight when it is sensitised. “While the UltraCalming line itself is not new to Dermalogica, these two new products represent the latest technologies for restoring the barrier function of the skin and relieving sensitive skin symptoms such as redness and dehydration. If the barrier is compromised, the skin will lose water and irritation will show on the skin.” Van Rooyen noted that alongside the UltraCalming Duo launch, Dermalogica has released a new widget called skinsensitivityrisk.com, a personalised tool to help assess your skin sensitivity risk. The widget provides personalised insights about what might cause your skin sensitisation, along with expert tips and product recommendations. She went on to explain that the UltraCalming Calm Water Gel comprises a system of ingredients that locks in moisture and was inspired by succulents in the desert, such as aloe leaf juice, which decreases water loss in skin by 38.9%. “This product is wonderful to use after chemical peels, laser or IPL treatments and is ideal for acne, rosacea and eczema,” said Van Rooyen. The UltraCalming Barrier Defense Booster, a concentrated oil booster, includes over 50 phyto ingredients to soothe, nourish and restore balance in sensitive skin. One of its ingredients is derived from turmeric to reduce inflammation and boost the skin’s barrier. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)
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