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Beauty industry to experience fundamental shift in 2018 27 November 2017   Consumers will demand personalised beauty defined on their own individual terms during 2018, while brands will embrace inclusivity by looking beyond age, gender, sexuality and body type, predicts market intelligence agency Mintel. According to Mintel’s Beauty & Personal Care Global Trends 2018 Report, the term ‘natural’ will expand to include locally sourced and technologically enhanced ingredients, products and services. Biotechnology, together with a resurgence of local wisdom, will help brands face up to the challenges created by environmental issues. Mintel further maintains that brand personality will become paramount as more consumers expect to see their values reflected in the products they buy and the company they support. “Beauty consumers won't just want to look good, but feel good too, by going beyond the logo and investing in brands with a personality and purpose to perform good deeds,” states the report. Digital technology looks set to drive unprecendented customisation of the shopping experience and brands will be watching customers’ every move. The Mintel report reads: “New technology can interpret consumers' facial expressions and eye movements to determine their product preferences and offer help, both in-store and online. In the coming years, commercial use of biometric data is set to extend beyond eye tracking, as heart rate, body language, and speech become increasingly important for a more complete assessment of consumer preference. The days of social media being purely social are long gone as companies transform these online interactions into shopper opportunities.”  To access the report go to http://www.mintel.com/press-centre/beauty-and-personal-care/mintel-announces-four- global-beauty-and-personal-care-trends-for-2018
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