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Anesi launches Luminosity 12 February 2018 EBS’ Yolandi Mestre with Anesi’s Lourdes Santamaria    Dozens of Gauteng based salon owners and therapists recently converged on Green Park in Sandton to see Anesi Beauté’s international trainer, Lourdes Santamaria, launch the brand’s new Lab Institute Luminosity Treatment. Santamaria was the guest of Exclusive Beauty Solutions (EBS), the official distributor of Anesi in South Africa. As its name suggest, the Anesi Lab Institute Bright & Spot Luminosity treatment targets pigmentation and includes two peels – a glycolic acid peel, which works on the dermis of the skin, and an enzymatic peel for the epidermis. Said Santamaria: “Luminosity is formulated with powerful melanin inhibitors and vectored nano encapsulated AHAs (Alpha Hydrox Acids) that hamper the skin’s irregular melanin production, thus inhibiting melanocytes, to reveal a more uniform and brighter complexion. Luminosity tackles spots effectively from within the dermis to the epidermis. “Recent scientific studies demonstrate the important role fibroblasts have in hyperpigmentation. To reduce hyperpigmentation it is essential to treat the skin at dermal and epidermal levels. Luminosity treats spot formation by using the latest generation of biotechnological clinically approved active ingredients which perform at both epidermal and dermal layers.” EBS MD, Dalize Havenga, stressed that providing maximum sun protection with a high sun protection factor post treatment is indispensable to prevent new spot formation or the recurrence of existing ones. “Clients must know that if they plan to go into the sun following this treatment, they must use the Luminosity SPF 50 for sun production. If you manage your client’s sun protection, then you can perform this treatment in the summer months,” explained Havenga. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)
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